Welcome to Rediscovered Wood, where I believe that there is something special and unique even in wood that’s destined for the dump.


Like me, maybe you felt something when you see a tree being chopped down. Or perhaps you have had to take down a tree on your property and noticed the absence when you look out the window.

My name is Jeffrey Veffer and I was trained as an architect and have always been interested in wood, furniture and design. But I never really thought of putting these things together until the ice storm of 2013 forced us out of our house for five days and would end up killing our mature cherry tree.

Making something beautiful from the wood was a small thing I could do to use the wood, but also continually learn about making something from these materials that would have formerly gone to the dump.


Important note! Most of the pieces on this site are not for most people. These have rough edges, rehabilitated sections even with holes if that is the way the wood appeared. If you are looking for flat smooth furniture, here is a link to something more along that theme.




Stories behind the Pieces