Bark shard candle holders

Sometimes when I’m preparing wood for a table there are a bunch of off-cuts or scraps that accumulate around the shop. I usually try to use all parts of whatever piece I’m working on but even though I found them interesting to look at I had no idea if I could use them.

I had several that were products of preparing wood for the Cherry Split Coffee Table that had a really interesting pattern under the bark made by some insects that I thought would look cool in the right setting. Once again, I found these pieces as whole logs in a dumpster (well actually these were overflow, so they were outside the dumpster).

Looking through a wood working website gave me a thought – what if I just cleaned up the piece and doing minimal finishing, made it into a candle holder that could sit in the middle of a table? It would be an interesting conversation starter and best of all would show off the unique beauty of these pieces!

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