Half log coffee table



Do you ever have a feeling that something that is uncared for and unwanted could be made into something beautiful?

That is the feeling I had when I saw this raw piece of wood in a dumpster, waiting to be carted away to be turned into sawdust. Truth be told, the dumpster belongs to friends of mine who run a large landscaping company, so they know I was checking out some of the wood they had cut down earlier in the year, but this piece stood out particularly for me, mostly because if its interesting shape and hole that went all the way through the surface.

What made the hole? Not really sure, but it looks like the tree grew up and around something because the grain is continuous all the way around.

If that wasn’t enough it looks like this poor specimen also had some insect damage, which may have been the reason that it was cut down in the first place.

All in all, it looked like a challenge and a good way to test my skills. And tested they were!

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