The Last Stand Table

These are the last pieces of cherry wood that came from the tree that used to shade our back patio.   Back in 2012 the tree was starting to provide great shade in the summer for our south facing patio and my son wanted me to build a tree house in it the next summer

After the ice storm in 2013 we thought that the tree might come back but the following year we realize that it was too far gone and had to get cut down.

Although this was pretty hard to take I did save a couple of the larger logs for some future use.

At that point I wasn’t really into furniture making but it did seem like there was a lot of wood that might be put to some better use rather than going into the landfill

Two of the larger slabs ended up in the first ice storm table and this section was the graft section of the cherry tree.

As a result you can see the figure where the branches or grafted onto the main trunk in this table

I wanted to somehow show in the table the different sections that I had cut so you could match up the different figure from pieced piece. Normally each one of these pieces would be long enough to make it on table but I thought it would be interesting to show them all in a single piece to show the evolution and how the different sections were cut

Not to get too morbid or philosophical but when I saw that this 30 foot tall tree could be totally healthy in December and then terminal in May of the next year I had a think about not taking things for granted. Yes it was only a tree but sometimes it takes something like that to help look at things with a different perspective

So really, this is it- the last chapter in the ice storm cherry tree saga. I’m glad I was able to use it will provide some furniture that hopefully will provide many more years of enjoyment (even if it’s not to everyone’s taste)

Important note! Most of the pieces on this site are not for most people. These have rough edges, rehabilitated sections even with holes if that is the way the wood appeared. If you are looking for flat smooth furniture, here is a link to something more along that theme.

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