The Last Stand Table

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Cherry wood slabs on custom steel base

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The Last Stand is the last piece of cherry wood from our tree that was killed by the Ice storm back in 2013.

I wanted to somehow show in the table the different sections / slabs that I had cut so you could match up the different figure from pieced piece. Normally each one of these pieces would be long enough to make it one table but I thought it would be interesting to show them all in a single piece to show the evolution and how the different sections were cut

I used OSMO wood wax to finish the top and bottoms of the slabs, with clear epoxy for the sides and ends. The clear epoxy makes a clean, durable surface and provides a nice contrast to the satin finish of the OSMO.

The base is mostly re-purposed steel from a table base that I welded together with some 1-1/2 inch rectangular section hot rolled steel that I painted flat black.



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Dimensions110 × 50 × 45 cm


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