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Train table

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This table is one of the favorite ones that I created. It’s made to fit small spaces and yet provide a functional piece that’s both distinctive as well as practical

Maple sections were cut surfaced and stabilized with eco-poxy   I used a rotating jig to stabilize all parts of the holes in the center so that once I placed the Epoxy on the top surface it would be a clean joint with the wood

Then I applied several coats of diamond finish urethane on top to give it extra protection

Sometimes I don’t have an idea about where the table is going to look like until I start working with the peace. In this case these pieces were part of one log that I section into three. I left them for a while to season and then came back to them not knowing how I would put them together

On a quick day trip down to the town of Elora I saw something which gave me an idea. Instead of making three small tables I could put each section together in the order that they were cut and when I did that it reminded me of a little train going down the tracks. And that’s how I decided to form up the base.
I thought of a massive railway bridge that’s in my area and use steel to fashion what looks like an I-beam or train track where I’ve attached the wood. The legs are slightly angled out to echo the form of that train bridge as you can see in this picture.



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